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Earn Bitcoin 5 Ways From The 2×10 Prosperity Plan

1. Receive “Team Commissions” in each phase of the 2×10 Prosperity Plan when someone joins your team 10 levels deep! It doesn’t matter if you sponsored them or not.

2. You get the “Team Building Bonus” every time a new team member lands on your “Progression Line” (Level 3). And you will be automatically upgraded to the next phase from progression line earnings. Everything you make on your “Progression Line” from that point on is pure profit! This helps you to leverage your earnings and to upgrade to higher phases and qualify for higher commissions!

3. You also get a “Coaching Bonus” when someone you personally refer purchases a phase pack. You do not need to be qualified in that same phase to receive this bonus.

4. To get this next bonus you must be qualified in the same phase where the “Level 2 Coaching Bonus” is being purchased by one of your direct team members.

5. And it’s also possible to receive “Level 2 Matching Coaching Bonus Roll Ups” when someone makes a phase pack sale in a phase they are not qualified in. Especially when new affiliates are slowly leveraging their way to the top of the plan.

All “phase” pack purchases are one-time only! (No Monthly Required). And you are automatically upgraded from your earnings!

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